Unify Wireless WI-FI for large mansion in Newton


We have faced a couple requests from private customers regarding pure wi-fi coverage in there large multilevel houses. Short research showed that at present time it is not much working options available on market. Placing range of inexpensive user level AP (access points) causing troubles with configuring and maintenance all of them. Also, there is evident gap by switching device from one AP to another. This key point can not be configured at all. ¬†Using enterprise level Cisco equipment with AP managed by dedicated switch raising cost of the system to 1-2 thousand dollars for 4-5 AP set. Answer came from company Unify producing technology reach wireless equipment with pretty affordable pricing. So one AP you can order on Amazon for 90$. As result 4 AP system will cost you in equipment 360 – 500$ Instead of buying dedicated AP switch you can use any home desktop (or even setup cloud version) of controller helping you manage and configure all devices from one place. Really user friendly interface + all necessary configuration features gives you great range to create from simple 2-3 points setup to 10 levels 100 AP environment. We are really surprised with Unify approach and happy to share our experience with all large homes / business / offices owners. There is working and cost effective solution you should keep in mind. It’s name is Unify. Ask us more details – always happy to share!

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