What to do if your computer doesn’t start?


Many of us have had a situation when the computer didn’t work. It can be a simple blue screen (well, known as a blue death screen), stocked picture, or the computer won’t turn on at all. What to do? Most of us experience the fear in front of modern technology, and we don’t want to make it worse. Here I am providing a couple of steps that can help you in such a situation. First of all, you have to check power supply. Usually this is bold black wiring that connects a power supply outlet with your device. Please be sure that the power is in the power outlet. You can unplug the device, plug in something else like a phone charger. Also you need to know that most computers have many power wires. Computer, screen, scanner, printer – all this stuff is powered separately. It sounds funny, but fifty percent of issues are tied with the power supply. The next step is in the checking of the device. Are any lights lighting on them? Does it makes any noises? Such simple steps can help you to make troubleshooting simple and avoid dramatic results. The more you know about your issue, the less you pay!

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